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Sustainable Options & Interventions

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Sustainable Options & Interventions

This theme groups all activities related to the options and interventions for increasing water efficiency, water supply reliability and mitigating risks. The cost-benefit analysis and the investigation of different measures/options (either on the demand reduction or on the increase of supply) are included here. These options vary from technological, to economic and policy instruments, etc. having as an overall objective the introduction of a smart and sustainable adaptation tackling drivers and pressures.

26-29 March 2018, Beirut, Lebanon – SWIM-H2020 SM Sub Regional Training “Refugee Emergency: Fast track project design on water, waste water and solid waste” REG-14

Jordan Lebanon Palestine Tunisia

19 March 2018, Oran, Algeria – SWIM-H2020 SM Workshop “The reuse of treated wastewater in agriculture, through sensibilisation and awareness raising” EFS-DZ-1

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Jordan – Mainstreaming Drought Risk Management, with a focus on proactive measures EFS-JO-1

Theme: Sustainable Options & Interventions Deliverables SWIM-H2020 EFS-JO-1 Task 1 Inception Report SWIM-H2020 SM EFS-JO-1 Task 2 Hazard Report SWIM-H2020 SM EFS-JO-1 Task 3 GW Vulnerability ...