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Regulatory & Legal Frameworks

Regulatory & Legal Frameworks

Under this theme a series of activities are included, related to the development, re-design and consolidation of regulatory and legal frameworks. The latter could facilitate appropriate environmental governance and mainstreaming including better application of IWRM and provision of improved sustainable water supply and sanitation services.

2-3 October 2018, Brussels, Belgium – SWIM-H2020 SM Regional On-Site Training on “Good water governance, focusing on regulatory aspects and the design, monitoring and enforcement of policies” REG-11

News Release SWIM-H2020 SM 2018.10.04 News Release Concept Note & Agenda SWIM-H2020 SM REG-11 Concept Note & Agenda Presentations 01 MURO-Introduction and agenda 02 SCOULLOS-Governance in ...

Morocco – Support the reuse of treated wastewater, through strengthening of the institutions, development of PPPs, participatory approaches, awareness-raising, and incentives EFS-M0-2

Theme: Regulatory and Legal frameworks Deliverables Consultation Report EFS-MO-2 SWIM-H2020-EFS-MO-2 Global Report   23 January 2018, Rabat, Morocco – SWIM-H2020 SM Consultation on the ...

10 October 2017, Beirut, Lebanon – 2nd Consultation on Water Governance & Financing in Lebanon EFS-LB-2

Agenda Consultation Workshop Agenda Presentations Deliverable 2nd Consultation Lebanon Report