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Marine Litter

Marine Litter

This theme is among the recently emerged ones and includes activities aiming the enhancements of coordination on marine litter management and related aspects from monitoring and assessment approaches to prevention and mitigation measures. It is also intended to support countries in the implementation of the Regional Plan on Marine Litter Management of UNEP/MAP (e.g. on extended producer responsibility) and to build the necessary synergies in order to address the transboundary aspects of marine litter in a coordinated and harmonized manner.

24-25 October 2018, Athens, Greece – SWIM-H2020 SM Regional On-Site Training on Marine Litter Monitoring and Management REG-1

News Release SWIM-H2020 SM 2018.10.29 News Release en Concept Note & Agenda SWIM-H2020 SM REG-1 Concept Note & Agenda Presentations 01 Scoullos-SWIM-H2020 SM intro 02 Vlachogianni ...

7-8 November 2017, Algiers, Algeria – SWIM-H2020 SM Training on the Assessment of Marine Litter in the Algerian Coast EFH-DZ-4 & EFH-DZ-5

News Release SWIM-H2020 SM 13.11.2017 News Release en SWIM-H2020 SM Infonote Training on Marine Litter in Algeria Agenda SWIM-H2020 SM Agenda-Training in Algeria Presentations Introduction to the ...

Morocco – Strengthening participatory coastal management for the reduction of marine litter in the regions of Tangier-Tetouan and Oriental EFH-MO-4

Theme: Marine Litter Deliverables EFH-MO-4 Training Report EFH-MO-4 Beach Litter Assessment Report Task 1 EFH-MO-4 Marine Litter Action Plan Key Elements Tasks 3 & 2 19-20 October 2017, ...