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12 March 2019, Athens, Greece – SWIM-H2020 SM Webinar on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) & Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) WEB-1

Presentations Scoullos-SWIM-H2020 SM WEB-1 Fiselier-Dutch Integrated Flood Management Deliverable WEB-1 linked to ST-3 ICZM-IWRM Report  

10-14 December 2018, Barcelona, Spain – SWIM-H2020 SM Regional Training & Study Visit on Green Economy REG-9

News Release SWIM-H2020 2018.12.20 News Release Concept Note & Agenda SWIM-H2020 SM REG-9 Green Economy Concept Note & Agenda SWIM-H2020 REG-9 Study Visit Concept Note & Agenda fr ...

Decentralized Water Management P2P-7 & P2P-8

Decentralized Water Management P2P-7 & P2P-8 SWIM-H2020 P2P Overall Report DcWM SWIM-H2020 SM P2P-7 Appendix 1 SWIM-H2020 P2P-8a Appendix 2 SWIM-H2020 P2P-8b Appendix 3 P2P-7 Ground Water ...