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Decentralized Water Management & Growth

Decentralized Water Management & Growth

This theme includes activities aiming at the promotion and strengthening of decentralized water management, the regional (subnational) integration and cooperation, the development of adequate institutional setting and the identification, examination and facilitation of growth opportunities.

Decentralized Water Management P2P-7 & P2P-8 WP2 P2P-7 & P2P8

P2P-7 Ground Water Zone Protection   P2P-8a Water Information Systems   P2P-8b Flood Risk Management at the local level, flood protection SWIM-H2020 SM P2P-8b Report

16-19 April 2018, Vienna, Austria – SWIM-H2020 SM Regional Training on the Regulatory and organizational issues of decentralized water management REG-5

Algeria Egypt Israel Jordan Lebanon Morocco Palestine Tunisia

24-25 July 2017, Brussels, Belgium – SWIM-H2020 SM 1st Regional On-Site Training on Decentralized Water Management REG-4

“Sharing of experiences from the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD).” News Release 2017.07.27 SWIM-H2020 SM News Release en Report REG-4 WFD Workshop Report Concept Note ...