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Decentralized Water Management & Growth

Decentralized Water Management & Growth

This theme includes activities aiming at the promotion and strengthening of decentralized water management, the regional (subnational) integration and cooperation, the development of adequate institutional setting and the identification, examination and facilitation of growth opportunities.

Lebanon – IWRM at the river basin scale, with a focus on capacity building and implementation aspects EFS-LB-1

Theme: Decentralized water management and growth Deliverables EFS-LB-1 Training Designing of measures and policy targets EFS-LB-1 Report on the performance of demand management measures EFS-LB-1 ...

Egypt – Improve Watershed Management (decentralized level), local governance and capacity building EFS-EG-1

Theme: Decentralized Water Management and Growth Deliverables SWIM-H2020 SM EFS-EG-1 Report SWIM-H2020 SM Manual on Water Use in Egypt 22 January 2019, Cairo, Egypt – SWIM-H2020 SM Workshop ...

Decentralized Water Management P2P-7 & P2P-8

Decentralized Water Management P2P-7 & P2P-8 SWIM-H2020 P2P Overall Report DcWM SWIM-H2020 SM P2P-7 Appendix 1 SWIM-H2020 P2P-8a Appendix 2 SWIM-H2020 P2P-8b Appendix 3 P2P-7 Ground Water ...