This project is funded by the European Union


Strengthening the research to policy/practice interface

Bridge the gap between research and policy by mapping research results from relevant EU funded research and innovation projects in order to determine which could feed policies and practices that are important for water management and marine pollution prevention and reduction.

Screening BATs, BREFs and BEPs

SWIM-H2020 SM will enhance the uptake of relevant BATs, BEPs and BREFs in the Mediterranean region through a review and screening exercise followed by a report on findings and recommendations.

Ex-post assessment of the sustainability and impact of the SWIM I programme (SM and Demos)

Annual ex-post assessment of the impact and sustainability of a randomly selected SWIM SM and Demo activity (phase I).

External monitoring and ad hoc technical assistance to the SWIM Demonstration projects (phase II):

Perform an annual external monitoring for each of the SWIM Demos project (phase II) based on the DAC evaluation criteria and make recommendations in order to take action and correct their future activities accordingly. Ad hoc technical assistance will also be provided to the SWIM Demonstration projects upon request.