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SWIM-H2020 SM organized this mission to Tunisia as part of a technical assistance activity on the sound management of multilayer packaging and plastic bags. It consisted of bilateral meetings, site visits, a workshop to exchange and discuss the multi-layer packaging sector and the packaging waste stream in Tunisia and a debriefing with its excellency the Minister of Local Affairs and Environment.

The first day of the mission was devoted to a visit to the packaging sorting center in Tunis managed by the National Waste Management Agency, an agri-food company and a company manufacturing and recycling paper for packaging.

The second day was devoted to a consultation workshop with different actors in the management chain of multi-layer packaging and waste packaging management. It was attended by 35 participants from the Ministries involved in the sector, agencies under the Ministry of the Environment (ANGed, ANPE and CITET), producers of multi-layer cardboard drinks, a producer of multi-layer packaging, plastic waste collectors and paper producers / recyclers. The relevant European and Tunisian legislative frameworks were discussed as well as strategies towards the adoption of circular economy models by transforming waste into resources. The discussion was focused on options for structuring a multi-layer packaging waste system in Tunisia which is why SWIM-H2020 SM was asked to support with expert advice.

The legislative framework in Tunisia has been established since 1996 by the promulgation of the law n°96-41 of June 10, 1996 on the management and the elimination of waste and the decree n°1197-1102 of June 2, 1997 relating to terms and conditions for the recovery of packaging waste. These legal texts set up a producer responsibility system (REP) for all packaged products placed on the Tunisian market.


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