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February, 2019

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Jordan – Capacity building for preventing pollution through shifting towards Green Economy and Sustainable Consumption & Production (legal and economic instruments and incentives to promote circular economy and SCP) EFH-JO-3

Theme: Green Economy Deliverables SWIM-H2020 SM EFH-JO-3 Inception Report TASK 1 SWIM H2020 SM EFH-JO-3 CB Needs Assessment Report TASK 2 SWIM-H2020 SM EFH-JO-3 Training Report TASK 3 SWIM-H2020 ...

Tunisia – Strengthen groundwater management to reduce over-exploitation and pollution of groundwater resources, also related to drought risk management EFS-TN-3

Theme:¬†Assessment of Water Resources’ Vulnerability and Related Risks Deliverables SWIM-H2020 SM EFS-TN-3 Task 1,2,3 Global Report a SWIM-H2020 SM EFS-TN-3 Task 1,2,3 Global Report b ...