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8 April 2019, Brussels, Belgium – SWIM-H2020 SM Closing Conference WP6

News Release SWIM-H2020 SM 2019.04.08 News Release Agenda SWIM-H2020 SM Closing Conference Agenda SWIM-H2020 SM Booklet SWIM-H2020 SM Booklet en Background Material SWIM-H2020 SM Sustainability ...

Lebanon – IWRM at the river basin scale, with a focus on capacity building and implementation aspects EFS-LB-1

Theme: Decentralized water management and growth Deliverables EFS-LB-1 Training Designing of measures and policy targets EFS-LB-1 Report on the performance of demand management measures EFS-LB-1 ...

12 March 2019, Athens, Greece – SWIM-H2020 SM Webinar on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) & Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) WEB-1

Presentations Scoullos-SWIM-H2020 SM WEB-1 Fiselier-Dutch Integrated Flood Management Deliverable WEB-1 linked to ST-3 ICZM-IWRM Report