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10 October 2017, Beirut, Lebanon – 2nd Consultation on Water Governance & Financing in Lebanon EFS-LB-2

Agenda Consultation Workshop Agenda Presentations Deliverable 2nd Consultation Lebanon Report  

25-27 September 2017, Brussels, Belgium – SWIM-H2020 SM Regional Study Tour and Peer-to-Peer Exchange on Solid Waste Management (C&D) ST-1 & P2P-1

News Release SWIM-H2020 28.09.2017 News Release en Agenda SWIM-H2020 SM Agenda of Study Tour, 25-27.09.2017, Belgium Presentations Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 3 Case studies Report SWIM-H2020 SM ...

Palestine – Enhancing environmental awareness including of the media and support for implementing Education for Sustainable Development EFH-PS-1

Theme: Environmental Integration Deliverables SWIM-H2020 SM EFH-PS-1 ESD Follow- up SWIM-H2020 SM EFH-PS-1 Training Report ESD SWIM-H2020 SM EFH-PS-1 Media Training Report 4 March 2019, Ramallah, ...

Jordan – Strengthening of public awareness and Education for Sustainable Development in view of promoting: a shift away from the use of plastic bags; and/or the use of non-conventional water resources EFH-JO-2

Theme: Environmental Integration Deliverables SWIM-H2020 SM Training Report EFH-JO-2 SWIM-H2020 SM EFH-JO-2 ESD Follow-up 13-14 September 2017, Amman, Jordan – SWIM-H2020 SM 1st Training on ...