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News Release

SWIM-H2020 SM 2018.12.12 News Release


SWIM-H2020 SM National Meeting Agenda


01 SWIM-H2020 SM Overview

02 Hati-Oeuvrer pour une Méditerranée plus propre

03 Hati-Activities H2020 in Algeria

04 Hammouche-Gestion durable de l’eau

05 Sionneau & Baijot-PAPSE

06 Ramdani-Wilaya de Annaba


Photo Caption (from left to right)

Ms. Fatma-Zohra Hati, Focal Point H2020, National Conservatory of Environmental Training

Mr. Stefano Corrado, Cooperation Officer Delegation of the European Union to Algeria

Professor Michael Scoullos, SWIM-H2020 SM Project Team Leader

Ms. Hassina Hammouche, SWIM Focal Point, Ministry of Water Resources

Ms. Suzan Taha, Key Water Expert, SWIM-H2020 SM