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EFS-LB-2 Activity

Private Sector involvement in water infrastructure with emphasis on wastewater treatment plants

EFS-LB-2.1: Identify the necessary incentives and expand the environmental account fund in the banks of Lebanon to promote the use of non-conventional water resources (and/or water saving devices) in the water-related sectors (agriculture, industry, domestic, tourism). Cooperate with the relevant stakeholders to enable the establishment and/or expansion of existing technical board for evaluation and approval of the applications, and the development of the technical criteria for the evaluation of applications.
EFS-LB-2.2: Support the MOEW and stakeholders on the interaction between the private and public sector in outsourcing wastewater plants’ construction, operation and maintenance (including contracting between Water Establishments and the private sector)


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10 October 2017, Beirut, Lebanon – Consultation on Water Governance & Financing in Lebanon


27 March 2017, Beirut, Lebanon – Dialogue on Governance and Financing of Water Projects